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This print (you can find it here) is a reminder of the goodness that’s coming: answered prayers, stories redeemed. From miscarriage loss and loss of a baby or child, to financial struggles and IVF... Brokenness is not the end of your story. For every print sold, 60% will be given away to couples and families that have and are currently walking through these tremendous challenges. We want those of you who are experiencing this to know- you are not alone, your miracles are coming. 

This is so personal to us- after losing 2 babies (you can read about our story here) and walking through IVF with a best friend (who this print is dedicated to), we wanted to do something that could make a loving difference in peoples lives. In no way does this take away the pain of going through the loss of a child or the longing to start a family baby. But it is a practical way to let people know they’re seen and loved. Unfortunately financial struggles are a part of all this hardship, especially with IVF.


To financially bless and come along side these couples and families walking through heartache and loss. Our prayer is that we would leave this world unchanged by the love and hope of Jesus. In our darkest moments, He is the light that leads the way.


Cody and I will decide together on a monthly basis who the money will be given to. We will keep a record here so that you are able to follow along with us. If you’d like to give more, we encourage you to open your hearts to your circle of the world. You’re the light someone’s been waiting for. Someone that we could never reach! We encourage you to find families and couples in your community that need to be loved on.

“Our wounds are deep, but they're not incurable. Brokenness is not the end of the story. Wholeness is the end of the story.” —Benji Nolot

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