About Us
We are Rachael and Cody Johnson. Husband and wife shop owners that also have many other titles- musician, photographer, artist. We are dreamers and believers and entrepreneurs. I (Rachael) have dreamt of being a shop owner ever since I was a little girl. But it wasn't until 2018/2019 that I really allowed myself to start envisioning what something like this could maybe look like. In December of 2019 on a plane ride back home to Minnesota, I opened up the notes on my phone and wrote this statement about Meadow: "A shop that feels like home. That strangers come to and become friends. That are allowed to feel peace and contentment, surround by inspiration of the every day. Even if people leave without buying a single thing, I want them to feel inspired by what they had just experienced. I want to create a culture of kindness and gentleness and creativity. I want it to feel like walking into a meadow." This was the moment I knew I needed to make this dream happen. The words kept flowing and I continued to write about my dreams for the shop for the next hour or more. Meadow Home Goods began with the desire for a shop that felt like home. Full of sunshine and seeped in peace and wonder. As a little girl, I would go on adventures in the 100-acre woods behind our home with my younger sister. We'd follow a very homemade treasure map and lay out a blanket once we'd reached our destination. A picnic packed too, which I'm sure consisted of only gummy fruit snacks. Our spot in the woods was always a meadow surrounded by pine trees. The outdoors brought a calm peacefulness to my spirit, even at this age. Fast forward to now, this little corner of the internet is such an extension of my heart. And I couldn't have done any of this without my number one guy, my husband Cody. I had to include a photo of the both of us! Even though he's very much behind the scenes, none of this would be possible without him. Thank you for following along and hope to meet you some day soon :) 

 - Rachael and Cody Johnson 

 "I'm going to make everything around me more beautiful- that will be my life" -Elsie de Wolfe